982 Erik the Red discovers Greenland
992 Viking Warrior Thangbrand leads the King of Norway (King Olaf) to Christ
1000 Leif Eriksson the Missionary Viking
1066 Battle of Hastings led by William the Conqueror takes England
1095-1291 Crusades-Christians make attempts to retake the Holy Land from Muslim Turks
1215 King John of England signs Magna Carta
1215 Stephen Langton, Defender of Justice/Magna Carta
1275-1300 Marco Polo travels to China and meets Great Khan
1334-1354 Black Plague kills 75% of Europe population
1387 Geoffrey Chaucer publishes Canterbury Tales
1431 Joan of Arc leads French in the Hundred Year War
1438 Johannes Gutenberg invents moveable type and print/s the Bible on a print/ing press
1490-1560 Renaissance brings rebirth of art, education, science and culture
1492 Columbus seeks to travel to the Indies to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. He discovers the New World
1493 Columbus makes a second voyage to Americas
1497 John Cabot reaches Newfoundland
1498 Columbus makes a third voyage to Americas
1498 Vasco Da Gamma sails to India around the Cape of Good Hope
1502 First Africans arrive in the Americas
1507 Martin Luther nails 95 thesis to the door of Wittenburg church starting the Protestant Reformation
1513 Vasco Nunez de Balboa first European to sail Pacific
1513 Juan Ponce de Leon claims Florida for Spain
1519 Hernando Cortex frees Mexico from the Aztecs
1521 Ferdinand Magellan sails around the world and is killed in the Philippines.
1525 William Tyndale print/s the Bible
1542 Juan Cabrillo lands in California
1543 Copernicus publishes proof that the earth revolves around the sun.
1559 Queen Elizabeth I restores the Church of England after the death of her Catholic half-sister.
1564 The French Huguenots build Fort Carolina in Florida
1565 Spanish destroy Fort Caroline
1565 Spain establishes a permanent settlement in St. Augustine in Florida
1570 Hiawatha-Five Nations
1579 Sir Francis Drake claims San Francisco Bay for England
1585 Over 100 English settlers set up a colony at Roanoke in Virginia
1585 Sir Walter Raleigh starts an English colony on Roanoke Island which disappears without a trace
1588 England defeats the Spanish Armada thwarting Catholicism to England
1592 William Shakespeare begins his career as the world's greatest playwright in England
1607 Jamestown colony becomes the first successful colony
1608 Champlain founds Quebec
1610 Henry Hudson sails into what will become the Hudson Bay
1611 King James Bible is printed
1614 Pocahontas daughter of Chief Powhato marries John Rolfe
1619 100 brides sent to Jamestown by London company
1620 Mayflower sets sail and Pilgrims settle New Plymouth in Massachusetts
1620 Squanto/smallpox kills Indians
1621 Peace Treaty signed by Chief Massasoit and Pilgrims
1626 Peter Minuit of Holland purchases Manhattan Island from Indians and calls in New Amsterdam
1634 John Winthrop the Godly Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Puritans arrive by the thousands
1636 Roger Williams and Puritans start Rhode Island Colony
1636 Thomas takes first settlers to Connecticut
1637 Anne Hutchinson accused of heresy and banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony
1638 Delaware (New Sweden) is founded
1650's George Calvert has a vision for sharing his faith. His son sets sail to Maryland
1651 England passes laws restricting colonial trade
1663 John Eliot becomes apostles to the Indians and
1664 British take New Amsterdam and Governor Stuyvesant has to step down
1673 Father Jacques Marquette, Missionary Explorer who established a mission on the Great Lakes
1675-76 King Philip's War Ends 50 years of peace between Indians and Pilgrims
1677 Eusebio Francisco Kino started a Mexican Missions in Baja,
1677 Colony of N. Carolina revolts against English taxation
1679 North Hampshire becomes a colony
1681 Quaker William Penn receives a charter country, "Sylvania"\
1692 Salem witch trials
1702-1713 Queen Anne's War has England and the colonies fighting both France and Spain

1706 Ben Franklin and Poor Richard's Almanac
1718 French settlers found New Orleans
1732 James Oglethorpe founds Georgia as the 13th Colony he was a Friend of the Poor
1740's Great Awakening revives sleeping church through George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards
1750 Father Junipero Serra starts a missions in Mexico
1754 Seven Years' War or French and Indian war settled begins
1763 Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War
1768 John Witherspoon, Princeton's Friend of Liberty
1770 Boston Massacre
1773 Samuel Adams the Father of the Revolution
1773 Boston Tea Party
1775 Patrick Henry speaks out against Great Britain the Voice of the Revolution
1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord begin the Revolutionary War
1775 Paul Revere, Messenger of Liberty
1775 John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Fighting Parson
1775 Daniel Boone makes first road through Appalachians
1776 Declaration of Independence is adopted
1776 Benjamin Rush a doctor of Hearts and Minds
1776 James Madison Champion of Religious Freedom and President
1777 Ethan Allan and the Green Mountain Boys
1777 Thirteen stars and thirteen strips on the flag
1779 John Jay, Minister to treat peace with Great Britain
1779 John Paul Jones becomes great sea commander
1783 The Treaty of Paris ends the Revolution
1787 Constitution is wrote/Thomas Jefferson
1789 George Washington becomes First President
1791 Ten Amendments to the Bill of Rights are added to the Constitution
1797 John Adams, Counselor of the Republic, Vice President, President
1803 Lewis and Clark set out to explore Louisiana Purchase territory
1808 Congress makes it illegal to import slaves
1800's (early) Johnny Appleseed
1811 Tecumseh, Shawnee Leader-Battle of Tippecanoe
1812 War of
1814 Francis Scott Key-Star-Spangled Banner
1820 Missouri Compromise-Emancipates Missouri slaves and forbids importation of new slaves in certain states
1825 John Quincy Adams son of John Adams the Second President of the US becomes sixth President
1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
1829-1837 Andrew Jackson
1830 Charles Finney and Oberlin College
1830 Daniel Webster the Defender of the Union
1834 Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Pastor and Religious Newspaper publisher against slavery
1836 Marcus and Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, Missionaries on the Oregon Trial
1836 Sam Houston and the fight for the freedom of Texas at the Alamo
1836 Davy Crockett and the Alamo
1844 Samuel Morse develops Morse Code
1845 Frederick Douglass a runaway slave who becomes an author
1847 Dred Scott sues for freedom from slavery
1848 300 women meet in Seneca Falls, NY to declare that women deserve the same rights as men
1849 Gold Rush brings thousands to California
1850-60 Harriet Tubman helps free slaves using the Underground Railroad
1851 Sojourner Truth travels the land sharing the Lord's "Truth"
1861 Civil War begins
1861 Robert E. Lee commands Confederate Army
1861 Pony Express
1861 Stonewall Jackson
1862 Homestead Act gives 160 acres of free land to claim for those who move West
1863 Union soldiers win the Battle of Gettysburg
1863 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation giving freedom to slaves
1865 Confederates surrender at Appomattox ending the Civil War
1869 Transcontinental railroad links east and west
1870 Hiram Revels African American Senator
1871 Chicago Fire
1874 Frances Elizabeth Willard fights for women's rights
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents phone
1879 Thomas Edison invents first practical lights
1881 James Garfield
1881 Statue of Liberty is dedicated-Immigration
1881 Clara Barton Angel of the Battlefield and President of the American Red Cross
1892 Francis Bellamy and The Pledge of Allegiance
1896 George Washington Carver
1903 Wright Brothers fly
1904 Katherine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful
1912 Titanic
1913 Henry Ford makes first assembly line for his Model-T cars
1914 Panama Canal opens
1914 WWI begins, but US stays neutral
1917 United States enter WWI
1918 WWI ends, almost 500,000 Americans die from the flu
1922 Nineteenth Amendment gives Constitutional rights to women to vote
1927 Charles Lindbergh flies the first nonstop solo Transatlantic flight
1929 Stock market crashes and Great Depression begins
1930's Dust Bowl
1932 Eleanor Roosevelt becomes First Lady and the nation's most admired women in 1958
1932 FDR-Franklyn Delano Roosevelt-polio
1933 One out of four Americans are out of work. FDR begins New Deal programs
1936 Mary McLeod Bethune helped with interracial affairs
1939 WWII begins in Europe, but US is neutral
1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
1942 Rosie the Riveter
1945 Germany and Japan surrender ending WWII
1945 Delegates from 50 nations form the United Nations
1950 Korean War begins and ends in 1953
1954 Supreme Court outlaws segregated schools
1959 Alaska and Hawaii become the 49th and 50th states
1963 Civil rights protestors march in Washington, CD
1963 President Kennedy is assassinated
1965 American involvement in Vietnam increases
1968 Martin Luther King assassinated
1973 Peace Treaty ends US involvement in Vietnam; fighting ends two years later
1974 Richard Nixon resigns/Watergate
1976 The nation celebrates it's 2000 birthday
1981 Personal computers begin revolution
1984 AIDS is identified
1986 Challenger explodes killing astronauts
1989 Berlin Wall comes down signaling the end of the Cold War
1991 Gulf War begins
1992 The nation marks the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the Americas
1996 Vietnam Memorial
2001 Sept. 11th terrorist attacks on World Trade Center, and Pentagon
2003 Space Shuttle Columbia bursts into flames
2003 War begins with Iraq/Operation Iraqi Freedom
2004 George W. Bush is reelected

*Blue signifies Christian person or event